If you’re in Sidney, Ohio and you’re suffering from hearing loss, you probably see solutions everywhere you go. Websites and big box stores are all offering hearing aids at low prices, and promising to address your hearing loss with a single click or discounted package.

But before you buy, here are some things to consider

Hearing Aids Are Not One-Size-Fits-All

How do you know those hearing aids will fit you? If you buy online or at a warehouse store, you likely won’t know. When you see a trained specialist at Hearing Professionals, you will receive a custom fitting so you’ll know that your hearing aid will be comfortable and work properly.

What happens if you buy hearing aids online, and they don’t fit or feel uncomfortable? Can you return them? Will anyone help you find the right size? When you come to Hearing Professionals you can be confident that your devices will fit. And you’ll know where to take them if they ever need servicing or feel uncomfortable.

where to buy hearing aids

Hearing Aids Come in Different Styles

Do you know the type and severity of your hearing loss? Not all hearing loss is the same, and different styles of hearing aids are designed to address these differences. When you buy a hearing aid without the assistance of a licensed specialist, you won’t know which type is best-suited for your specific type of hearing loss and lifestyle.
The specialists at Hearing Professionals, however, will perform tests to determine your exact type of hearing loss. And we’ll help you find the device to best treat it.

Where to Buy Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids Require Maintenance

Hearing aids are delicate instruments. They must be cleaned and adjusted regularly, as your hearing loss may worsen over time. When you buy hearing aids from a website or discount store, you won’t receive this same level of service. Which likely will leave you with many questions, such as:

  • Where can I send them if they break?
  • How do I clean my aids without damaging them?
  • Will someone adjust them for me?

When you buy your hearing aid from Hearing Professionals, you’ll know the answers to those questions. You’ll know you can take your hearing aid to one of our offices for repairs, cleaning, and aftercare. And you’ll know that the services will be conducted by trained professionals who won’t further damage your device.

You get what you pay for. A bargain basement deal on hearing aids is a bargain for a reason: It leaves out essential services you can only get from a trained, state licensed Hearing Aid Specialist. In the end, that turns that bargain deal into simply a bad deal.