A Spouse's Perspective!

I attended my husband's hearing evaluation at Hearing Professionals.  Karen, who works behind the desk is down to earth, friendly and professional.  She's always busy but smiling, wanting to do all that she can for each person walking in the door.  The "feeling" she gives off makes a person feel at home and welcome.   The Hearing Aid Specialist, was super sensitive in asking questions to my husband who has had hearing aids from HP for some time now (maybe 10 years).  She cared to know exactly how well he was hearing in different situations.  She gave us knowledge on what will take away hearing, taught us about the brain and how depression & hearing loss go hand in hand, etc. She allowed me to help in the testing, using my familiar voice to get the most accurate answers.  We ended up buying new, updated hearing aids.  The experience has been 100% for us.  We feel very happy & blessed to have Hearing Professionals be a part of our family.  Thank you for your time.  May this letter encourage you to try them out!
Rose Banwart, Wife,
Troy, Ohio

Such Nice People to Work With

Patient Testimonials My hearing aids were lost in a car wreck so I had to get new ones.  I got a card in the mail from Hearing Professionals so I gave them a try.  They were so good to work with insurance company to see that I got my new hearing aids.  He tested my hearing and fitted me with new hearing aids, so now I can hear well again! He was so nice and caring.  What a great place to come to such nice people!
Regina Osborne,
Tipp City, Ohio

A Pleasure to Work With

I initially decided to start looking for help when I started noticing problems with my hearing. I noticed that I was saying “Huh” too much in conversations, and I thought I better get it looked at before it gets any worse. I am so glad that I did. Since I’ve come to the Hearing Professionals, I’ve not only gotten the help I need but I enjoy coming here. They provided me with such great and comfortable hearing aids that I forget sometimes I am wearing them! Now I no longer miss out on conversations. I would recommend anyone who thinks they may have even the slightest bit of trouble to the Hearing Professionals because they are a pleasure to work with!
Sandra Dowty,
Troy, Ohio

Family History

Patient Testimonials I have felt very comfortable with Jolene.  She is very professional, never makes us feel rushed and always explains what she is doing. There is a history of hearing loss in my family so I decided to take action early.   Hearing Professionals has made me feel good that I am taking action now that will help me in the future.
Deborah Johnson,
Sidney, Ohio

Took my first step!

Patient Testimonials I took my first step to getting help with my hearing after my wife lost her hearing in her right ear.  Before I started wearing hearing aids I thought they were too cumbersome, now I realize they are no problem and allow me to have much better hearing.  I don't say "huh" nearly as often and I hear better in situations with loud background noises.
Dennis Johnson,
Sidney, Ohio

Great to Hear Again

It was just great to hear again.  I didn't know just how much I was missing before I started using my hearing aids!
Norma Counts,
Sidney, Ohio

Physician Referral

Patient Testimonials I have never had any reservations about referring my patients to Hearing Professionals.  I know that they will receive the proper evaluation needed and also follow that up with the advice and options that would best benefit that individual.
Dr. Robert Miller,
Sidney Medical Group

Great HearLife Program

Patient Testimonials Hearing aids have really improved things for me. I no longer have to read lips and pretend I'm understanding things like I did in the past. I really like the Hear Life program that gives me free batteries and supplies because if you look at the cost of those things they are not cheap. The staff is always very friendly, the hours and location are very convenient and they are always up on the latest technology. I wish people would understand the benefit of hearing aids. We always see people with glasses and canes but they are all against hearing aids when they really improve your quality of life.
JoAnn Covelli,
Sidney, Ohio

Staff is Always Available

Patient Testimonials The staff is always available and works to make the right adjustments so that my hearing instruments work perfectly for me and my lifestyle.  I recommend that anyone who wants to hear better look into Hearing Professionals!
Jack Borgerding,
Versailles, Ohio

An Amazing Experience

Patient Testimonials It has been an amazing experience! You try to take these away from me now I may just have to fight you! It is kind of amazing at what you can hear. I got in my van the first time with my hearing aids and actually heard a leak in the door seal, I accused my wife of not shutting her door all the way and she told me that leak has been there for a long time and I never had the opportunity to hear it until now. I am now able to turn the tv down to an acceptable level and actually have a conversation with my wife while watching tv. I never realized what I was missing until it was given back to me.
Eugene Hoelscher, Age 66,
Anna, Ohio - Retired Press Operator

All the way from Kentucky!

Patient Testimonials After years of "what's" and huh's", I finally made the decision to get my hearing tested.  On the reccomendation of family, I came to Hearing Professionals.  Now I come all the way from Kentucky to get continuous help to improve my hearing!
Lucinda Zimmerman,
La Grange, Kentucky

You Don't Realize How Much You Miss

Patient Testimonials I’ve had this set of hearing aids for around two years. They are great!  I’ve never heard so many birds in my life and I love sitting out back now. You don’t realize how much you miss until you are able to hear things again.  I do a lot of hunting/fishing and I now hear so many things that I missed out on.  I have never had any problems with the hearing aids and the staff is great. They are always very helpful.
Dennis Coehick, Age 66,
Union, Ohio - Retired Truck Driver

I can hear my granddaughter sing

"I love my hearing aid. I would be lost without it. It is so nice to be able to talk on the telephone and have the television turned down to a level that everyone can enjoy. My 13-year-old granddaughter is in the Kettering Kids Choir and she is going to be having a concert at the Schuster Center in Dayton. This will be the first concert of hers that I have attended. Without my hearing aid, I would not have even attempted going due to the number of people and the background noise. The hearing aid makes the sound more clear. It makes me feel more normal because now I can participate and enjoy the simple things, like hearing my granddaughter sing."
Barbara Johnson-Bell

Improved Quality of Life

"I am so glad that I decided it was time for me to look into the possibility of needing hearing aids. With the help and encouragement of Hearing Professionals, I now have some wonderful hearing aids, and I am able to hear many things which I had missed out on previously. It has all been a very positive experience, and has definitely improved the quality of my life."
Virginia Matz

Communicate More Effectively

"I was losing my ability to communicate effectively. My wife said one of these days I was going to agree to something on accident because I misunderstood what was asked of me. My work with the “Country Concert” calls for MANY meetings full of important details. I needed to hear better and I needed to do something! A lot of people tell horror stories of hearing aids and the threat of being “ripped off.” I can tell you that is not the case at Hearing Professionals. I hear much better now, and am very satisfied with the products and service they provide."
Michael Barhorst

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