Quality of life...

I would like to thank everyone at Hearing Professionals for the great service. I got my hearing aids 6 months ago. I didn't think I would like them but I knew they were necessary... Now, I can't imagine life without them. They have really improved my quality of life. I would recommend this company to anyone.
Janice Adams,
Van Wert, Ohio

Wonderful Job...

Patient Testimonials Hearing Professionals was absolutely wonderful working with my dad and very personal; they deserves a pat on the back. The front desk area, including Karen, was really pleasant and kind. I would refer anyone and everyone to Hearing Professionals!
Mike Allender,
New Carlisle, Ohio

Problem Solved

I was having trouble communicating with my daughter, before I went to Hearing Professionals. The employees at the Hearing Professionals were very courteous and Greg was able to help me out with my hearing problems. Now, the sound of my new hearing aids are amazing.
Ruth Howell,
Fort Recovery, Ohio

Personal Care

The Hearing Professionals really care about their patients and I like the way they take care of me.

Barbara Williams,
Van Wert, Ohio

They Really Care

Patient Testimonials The Hearing Professionals are very accommodating and help with all my hearing issues.  For appointments, there is no long wait time and they help out with financing. At Hearing Professionals, they do what best for you personally. And that’s why I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Brenda Craft,
Minster, Ohio

Friendly and Professional...

Patient Testimonials

There is such a warm feeling every time you enter their office.  The front office staff is very friendly and professional. Greg, our specialist, does an excellent job any time we have any sort of issue.   I feel really good about the service we receive from their staff.  I recommend Hearing Professionals to everyone!

Julianne Grieves,
Sidney, Ohio

Real Professional

The Hearing Professionals have been so much help. They always works with me until I'm satisfied with the results; and there is no hurry up to get me out of the office.
Larry L. Williams,
Piqua, Ohio

Competent and Patient Staff

I have been a customer/patient of Hearing Professionals for six years.  During that time I have found all their audiologist to be quite competent and very patient.  They have ample staff to schedule convenient appointments and they supply batteries and all the replicable hearing aid components free of charge.  Once your hearing aids are purchased, all subsequent appointments for adjustments are free.  I have found Hearing Professional to be the best deal out there.  Hearing Professionals were originally recommended to me by friends who highly recommend them. When my ninety-two year old mother came to live with me I took her to Hearing Professionals.  Mom was very resistant to the idea of getting hearing aids having heard horror stories from her friends. The Audio Tech that tested and fitted mom for hearing aids was terrific.  He instantly won mom’s confidence and now mom can hear the world once again.
Jesse Parete,
Celina, Ohio

If It Wasn't For My Hearing Aids

Patient Testimonials I really appreciate them taking the time to help me get my hearing aids adjusted so I am able to hear very well. I've been coming here a long time and if it wasn’t for my hearing aids, I would not be able to hear at all. I would recommend Hearing Professionals to my friends due to the follow up service they provide.
Wayne Gerber,
Jackson Center, Ohio

Consistant Care

Patient Testimonials

Robert: "I enjoy working with Stacy.  She makes adjustments and always improves my hearing with each visit.  I enjoy the ability to work with the same Hearing Aid Specialist every time I come in!"

Carol: "It is wonderful not having to repeat myself anymore!  The TV is now at a volume that is good for me instead of blaring as it used to be."

Robert & Carol Huecker,
Minster, Ohio

Great Follow-up Care!

I like that my individual needs are addressed specifically.  I also like that they provide free annual hearing tests to make sure if there are any changes and then address those changes as needed.  I am very satisfied with my new hearing aids. They are very comfortable and I barely notice I have them on except for the great clarity. The follow-up care being scheduled after delivery of new hearing aids is a big help and keeps him accountable, and if there are any questions or concerns they are able to be discussed in person.

Hearing Professionals would be a great choice for anyone because they are going to be there to help you and not sell you!

Merl Heil,
Van Wert, Ohio

Professional & Friendly

I had been having struggles with my overall hearing for the past 30 years with my right ear being worse than my left. I had a lot of difficulty hearing and understanding people when they were on my right side. I Was originally introduced to HP when I came as the third party for my sister to help with her familiar voice testing.  

The most important change I have noticed is that I no longer have to worry about what side someone is sitting on to have a conversation with them and overall, I have an easier time hearing and understanding conversations. I have also noticed I no longer have to turn the volume way up on the television. My overall experience with HP has been very professional in a friendly way and I never once felt pressured to move forward with the purchase of hearing aids.  Hearing Professionals is a great place to go and I would absolutely recommend them. Once you become a patient there is no further out-of-pocket cost for batteries, supplies, follow-up visits or annual testing.

Kay Seibert,
Coldwater, Ohio

Hearing Clearly

Patient Testimonials

My overall experience with Hearing Professionals has been great. The testing that was done was outstanding and completely different than the 2 previous places I had gone before deciding to get my hearing aids. Overall the biggest change I notice with my hearing aids is being able to hear things clearly.

Gerald Deitsch,
Rockford, Ohio

Compassion and Professionalism

I have been very pleased with Hearing Professionals.  The service you get is outstanding and they have taken care of all of my issues with compassion and professionalism.  The front office staff and Professionals are wonderful! I would definitely recommend them to others!
Sidney, Ohio

I Never Felt Pressured

Patient Testimonials I was recommended to Hearing Professionals by a friend to receive a complimentary hearing test.  I was having struggles with clarity, understanding and what was being said in most conversations, and background noise.  My wife had also been on me to get a hearing test.  Since getting my hearing aids  I am now able to hear and understand normal conversations which had been a significant issue in the past. Everyone has been very friendly at HP and it continues to be a great experience.  The Hearing Aid Specialists were never pushy and I was never pressured into getting hearing instruments.
Randy Hawk,
Sidney, Ohio

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