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For over 70 years, Phonak has been developing the latest innovative hearing solutions. A trusted brand, they offer a range of hearings aids for both first time and experienced clientele. Represented and distributed in over 100 countries, Phonak is proud to be a global provider of hearing solutions.

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Popular Products

First Time

Phonak Vitro™ V

If you’re a music lover you’ll be head over heels for the Vitro™ V. Tested by skilled listeners, it has been declared a top product for music. The Vitro™ V by Phonak is custom made to your ear to fit comfortably. Not only is the design custom, it also features personalized performance, meaning it adapts to your surroundings to suit a variety of environments. The best part? Extremely compact and understated, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to forget you’re wearing the Vitro™ V at all.

Available in eight different shell colors (including transparent) and five faceplate colors, the Vitro™ V is fully customizable and ideal for first time users adapting to the mild hearing loss.

phonak virto

Phonak Lyric™

Crisp, clear sound in a hassle-free device. The Phonak Lyric™ is entirely invisible and requires no batteries to charge. Not only is this hearing aid invisible, it also is the first of its kind to deliver natural sound. With exclusive battery technology and a water-repellant body, the Lyric is designed to be a 24/7 system. No need to worry about exercising, sleeping, or showering, as the Lyric is durable enough to last through months of daily activity.

Using advanced micro-engineering, the Lyric uses your natural ear shape to amplify sound, without a ton of processing. Sound is able to enter the outer ear and flow organically toward the eardrum, resulting in natural, clear sound.

Lasting for months at a time, the Lyric requires no daily maintenance or battery replacements. Invisible and maintenance free? That’s the Phonak touch.

phonak lyric


Phonak Audéo™ V

“Wear them. Love them. Forget them.”

With a 37% reduction in effort required when listening to conversations, or the radio, in vehicles, the Audéo™ V is a product for connecting with loved ones, no matter what environment you’re in. Noisy settings become more manageable with the Audéo™ V enhanced speech understanding feature. Not only does it clarify speech, it also adapts to your environment with automatic settings designed to maximize your hearing.

With eleven color options, your Audéo™ V is created to suit you.


Phonak Bolero™ V

Available in eleven colors with an aesthetically pleasing design, the Bolero V™ hearing is built to give you a flawless listening experience while maintaining a stylish appearance. Durable and robust, this hearing aid is made to last with dust resistance and a water-repellant body.

Featuring enhanced speech understanding and automatic adaptation, the Bolero filters out background noise in order to ensure you are able to keep up with conversations even in the noisiest of rooms.



Phonak Naída™ V

Water-resistant, robust, compact. This powerful hearing aid combines SoundRecover2 and Roger technology to pick up high-pitched, nuanced sounds and over 62% of speech understanding in noisy environments. Those with severe or profound hearing loss can find comfort in the Phonak Naída™ V, a small device with big listening power.



Sky™ V

Adjusting automatically to each environment, Sky™ V will aid your child in understanding speech during day-to-day activities. Whether they’re at home, at school, or at the playground, they’ll be able to experience natural, clear sound with Sky. Simple to use, a visible indicator light will let you know if the battery is low and if the device is on. Reliable and durable, this hearing aid is sweat, dust, and water resistant, ensuring nothing impedes your child’s learning.

With both sides of the hearing aid interacting with each other, Sky™ V hearing aids optimize hearing automatically, so every setting is a setting for fun. Available in a variety of bright and fun colors, the Sky™ V is stylish yet discreet.


Single Sided Hearing

Phonak CROS II

The Phonak CROS II is an ideal solution for those struggling with single-sided hearing loss. Reducing background noise automatically, this hearing aid allows you to zoom in on a specific voice in order to hear more clearly. Driving becomes easier as the CROS II streams sound to your good ear while traveling.

Simply switch on and enjoy hearing from all sides. Stylish and subtle, the CROS II comes in eleven different body colors, four faceplate tones, and eight shell colors. Say goodbye to your good side. With CROS II, both sides are your good side.

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