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Oticon is a designer and manufacturer of innovative hearing solutions for children and adults. Their reach spans 23 different countries with 80 distributors internationally. Their team of scientists, developers, software engineers, and customer service technicians are working together across the globe to provide you with quality hearing solutions.

With 500 million people suffering from hearing loss worldwide — and that number predicted to increase, there is a need for companies like Oticon to develop solutions that let you get back to your life.
Oticon uses focus groups, test panels, end-user visits, and intensive interviews to understand the things that are important to you. Using the results from their research, they design hearing aids that match those needs.

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Popular Products



Natural, clear sounds in a small, discreet device. That’s what Alta2 is all about. With Oticon’s BrainHearing technology, this product ensures you don’t feel tired at the end of the day by hearing distorted, garbled sounds; instead, Alta2 delivers clear, excellent sound quality no matter what environment you find yourself in.

With customizable features, Alta2 is the most customizable hearing aid available from Oticon. The sound is crafted to meet your personal preferences to ensure you experience a natural, satisfying quality of sound everyday.

It also features speech protection technology and the Soft Speech Booster, which allows you to have private conversations in hushed tones. Whether you’re having a fast, powerful debate or engaged in a soft, intimate conversation, Alta 2 will help you to quickly and clearly understand everything that’s being said. And with an available ConnectLine attachment, you can make phone calls, listen to music, or watch TV better than ever.

Birds chirping at dawn. The songs of crickets at night. A whisper from a loved one. Alta2 brings these subtle sounds back to life.

oticon alta 2


Extremely discreet, Nera2 uses three of Opticon’s BrainHearing technology to deliver a smooth and natural listening experience. FreeFocus, YouMatic, and Spatial Sound combine to help you clearly understand speech, regardless of the intensity of background noise.

Customize your Nera2 with different shapes, colors, and a variety of discreet styles. No two lifestyles are the same, and no two hearing aids should be either.

Less effort is required to hear conversations with the Soft Speech Booster, meaning that crowded rooms are no longer an impediment.

And with ConnectLine, staying connected to your devices is easier than ever. Get back to enjoying life with Nera2.

oticon nera 2


Ria2 is renowned for its excellent sound quality and features FreeFocus and YouMatic, two of four Opticon BrainHearing technologies. This balanced listening experience will deliver clear, clarified sound, even in crowded rooms.

Customizable and with the ability to connect to ConnectLine, Ria2 aims to help you experience the full beauty of sound.




Dynamo is a powerful hearing aid that makes high frequency sounds audible again. While other hearing loss products may clarify sound, high frequency sounds are often still lost in the
process. Dynamo changes that. It fills in missing speech details so you can understand conversations easily and clearly. With the innovative Oticon Speech Rescue technology, Dynamo moves high frequency sounds like ‘s’ and ‘th’ sounds to a lower range so you can experience the full spectrum of sound.
Speech Rescue and Speech Guard E, Oticon’s advanced compression system, work together to create a seamless, complex variety of sounds. The technology allows speech intensity, distance, and voice variations to shine clearer, in order to ensure conversations are nuanced and dynamic.

Moreover, Dynamo gives you maximum listening power while minimizing unwanted feedback and whistling. Sense feedback shield controls these annoying feedback noises so you can focus on what’s really important.




The most advanced Oticon pediatric hearing aid to date, Sensi empowers children and teenagers with hearing loss by adapting to daily needs while maintaining a powerful level of sound.

Sensei, based on the Japanese tradition of the strong and wise mentor looking over karate students, is built to guide and support children struggling with hearing loss. Packed with Oticon technology, Sensei is durable, robust, high-performing, water-repellent, and customizable.

Sensei SP

Suitable for children with profound hearing loss, the Sensei Super Power hearing aids seek to clarify speech in order to help children unlock their complete developmental capabilities. Available in many fun, bright colours, the Sensei SP is small but extraordinarily powerful. At home and at school, it’s essential for children to hear the world around them in order to learn, grow, and prosper. This hearing aid will allow your child to participate in school lessons, play with their peers, and build their vocabulary, as well as easily converse with friends and family.

Focusing on language development and a complete spectrum of speech sounds, the Sensei SP detects high frequency sounds with Speech Rescue. It also features Oticon’s Amigo FM system, which transmits the teacher’s speech right to your child’s hearing aids. ConnectLine will also help your child connect to a range of devices, including the television, radio, or internet.

Clear sound, durable, and nuanced, the Sensei SP aims to help your child grow and prosper.

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