Hearing Aids Show Benefit in Reducing
Cognitive Decline and Dementia

Two studies 1,2 have come out recently showing that patients with hearing loss who wear hearing aids have a slower rate of decline in memory, brain processing, language and tasks requiring thinking quickly when compared to patients with hearing loss that do not wear hearing aids.  These studies were adjusted for other factors such as age, gender, education, IQ and associated medical problems like diabetes and high blood pressure.  In other words, the studies looked only at hearing loss and found that there was a benefit to wearing hearing aids over not wearing hearing aids if the patient was going to slow the progression of a decline in brain function and dementia.

In addition, one of these studies was done over a 25-year period on the same group of over 3,700 patients!  This is a well-done, long-term study providing strong evidence as to the benefits of hearing aids.  This 25-year study also demonstrated that it is not just the hearing aid itself that provides these benefits to patients, but the fact that the brain is being stimulated on a continuous basis using effective communication techniques with a properly fit prescription on the hearing aid.

What is the bottom line takeaway from these studies?
  1. Hearing aids are proven to slow cognitive decline and dementia.  Hearing Professionals carries only the newest and best quality hearing aids.
  2. Only a properly fit hearing aid to the patients prescription tested by a licensed professional is capable of delivering these benefits.  Hearing Professionals has licensed hearing instrument specialists on staff to fit you with the proper prescription.
  3. The patient must learn effective communication techniques in order to achieve maximum benefit from their hearing aid.  Hearing Professionals is the only practice that conducts an aural rehabilitation class teaching effective communication.
  4. The hearing aid must remain in top condition to perform at a top level to provide any benefit.  Hearing Professionals’ Hear Life! Program keeps your hearing aid performing at its best.
1 Hearing Impairment and Cognitive Decline: A Pilot Study Conducted Within the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Neurocognitive Study
Jennifer A. Deal*, A. Richey Sharrett, Marilyn S. Albert, Josef Coresh, Thomas H. Mosley, David Knopman, Lisa M. Wruck, and Frank R. Lin

2  Self-Reported Hearing Loss, Hearing Aids, and Cognitive Decline in Elderly Adults: A 25 Year Study
Helene Amieva, PhD, Camille Ouvard, MSc, Caroline Giulioli, MSc, Celine Meillon, MSc, Laetitia Rullier, PhD and Jean-Francois Dartigues, MD, PhD.