Hearing Professionals Mission Statement:

Hear Life© ProgramOur goal is to make your interactions more meaningful by providing opportunities to hear life around you and create memories that last forever.

That is why we created our Hear Life© program. It’s our way of providing care to you for years to come, after you have purchased your hearing aids. We want to ensure that your devices are working well and you are hearing the way you should.

As part of our commitment to you and your hearing health, this program offers many benefits that will help you care for your hearing aid and allow you to hear the best that you can for long after you’ve purchased your hearing aids.


We understand what it takes, to hear well again and that is why we offer all Hearing Professional patients, our satisfaction guarantee.   What does that mean?  We give you 30 days to use their hearing devices before you have to return them.   Our specialists will work very closely with you for  30 days to help you hear what you have been missing.  

Remember, at Hearing Professionals, better hearing is not good enough.  We want you to hear the best you can!

A lot goes into helping our patients Hear Life the best they can. We are proud to offer the above services with our HearLife program so that your hearing is completely hassle and worry free.

  • In-office cleanings and adjustments.
  • Yearly hearing evaluations.
  • Demonstrations of new hearing aid technology.
  • Limited repairs that can be done in the office.
  • Three year manufacturer repair warranty and a three year loss and damage insurance on most devices