Sudden Hearing Loss

  Hearing loss is a very serious issue that often occurs after the ear has been subject to loud noises or damaged over a period of time. One of the worst parts of hearing loss is the sudden impact it can have once it starts to develop. Many times deafness in an ear can occur […]

New User Tips

As a new user of hearing aids, it can be hard understanding how to best adapt to them. It’s important to note that they have now become a part of you. They will go everywhere you go and improve your hearing and communication with others. In order for you to be comfortable with them you’ll […]

Tips for Taking Care of Your Hearing Aids

Hearing aids can be an integral part of your life. They can dramatically change the way you communicate with those around and inevitably improve your lifestyle. You may want to go out more, engage in more conversation and even strengthen your relationships. Hearing aids can provide so many positives that they add much more value […]

Hearing Loss and Smoking

  Hearing loss can be attributed to several different factors. Whether it be listening to your music too loudly, working in an environment where incredibly loud noises are the norm and even being born with a deficiency, hearing loss causes are fairly well known. Some, however, don’t fully understand the relationship to smoking cigarettes and […]

Hearing and Hair Cells

  Inside the Cochlea are the most vital parts of your hearing: hair cells. These tiny cells are so integral to your hearing that when damaged they are difficult to restore and could potentially cause permanent hearing loss. In fact more than 90 percent of hearing loss is due to the damage of hair cells. […]

Cochlear Implants

  Sometimes someone’s hearing can be so damaged that hearing aids won’t be very effective, if effective at all. The inner ear such an integral part of the hearing process that sometimes it can be damaged beyond the help of hearing aids. Those who have this large amount of damage to their inner ear can […]

Invisible Hearing Aids

Hearing aids can take time to get use to how they feel and look inside your ear. There is often a negative stigma to hearing aids as some, mostly those who are younger, don’t like the look or don’t want others to know they need hearing aids. The invisible hearing aid has been on the […]

Bluetooth Technology

As time goes on hearing aids are growing more technologically advanced than ever. Bluetooth technology now allows for other external devices to be hooked up to your hearing aids creating a new and much better experience for the user. The wireless signals are sent out from the bluetooth device to your hearing aids allowing you […]

Hearing Loss in Children

  Often when thinking about hearing loss we tend to push our focus on the older generation because we think they are the main ones who struggle with this. And this is often true, but hearing loss can also be pretty common in younger children. One major factor of hearing loss is it usually occurs […]

Hearing Aids and Cell Phones

Hearing aid technology is growing and as a result negative and positive products are produced. One of the best examples are cell phones and bluetooth technology. Cell phones can cause trouble with your hearing device by interrupting connections and producing a lot of static. Fortunately, there are cell phones and bluetooths made to assist your […]