Understanding Hearing’s Effects On Your Health

People often take their hearing for granted. This is unfortunate, as your sense of hearing does much more than allow you to listen to sounds – in fact, hearing has many effects on your health. One of the biggest effects is on your movement. A good sense of hearing is essential for walking stability and […]

Hearing and Your Health: It’s About More Than Just Your Ears

Hearing loss is something that almost everyone experiences in one form or another — either with themselves, with a family member, or with a friend. Having trouble understanding what’s going on around you negatively affects your quality of life and can frustrate those who love and/or interact with you. The loss of one’s hearing is […]

Hearing Test Chart

Hearing Tests and What They Do

There are a variety of hearing tests out there. Why you need the tests determine which tests you take. Did you notice a change in your hearing? There are tests to determine whether or not you are suffering from hearing loss.  What is the cause of your hearing loss? There are tests to determine that, […]

hearing aid batteries

Get the most from your hearing aid batteries

Today most hearing aids run off a disposable battery instead of being rechargeable. On average, these small batteries will last approximately 8 days for a person using their hearing aids all day. Some wearers need only one hearing aid on a single side while many need two, therefore throughout a calendar year, a double-sided wearer will […]

Types of Hearing Aids

When you find out that you need hearing aids, you probably get the image of a particular kind of hearing aid.  Maybe you picture the In The Ear hearing aid, which sits just in the ear, or maybe you envision the Behind The Ear version.  At any rate, what you think of when you hear ‘hearing […]

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The Greatest Methods of Hearing Protection

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that approximately 10 million people in the United States alone have noise-associated hearing loss. From these statistics we can clearly see that hearing damage is at an epidemic level.   For some, hearing loss may be subtle and barely noticeable, but for others, hearing damage is an […]

Hearing and your Health: The Emotional and Mental Effects

When you experience hearing loss, you’re losing more than your sense of hearing. Up until this point, you’ve likely used verbal clues as a means of communication. Now, however, as your loss progresses, your ability to communicate effectively decreases. This can have obvious effects on your life, and you may experience emotional and mental effects […]

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New Tech: Custom Ear Bud Molds

In today’s fast-paced world of updated technology, we are constantly facing new solutions to every-day problems.  We are able to continually offer better options for protecting and improving our hearing. One recent update to earplugs, headphones, and hearing aids is possible custom-made ear bud molds. Utilizing 3-D printers and other technology, we will soon be […]

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Hearing Aids In (Recent) History

Now Hear This: Hearing loss is as old as….hearing. So are attempts to hear better. Cup your hand and hold it around your ear and yell “Huh?”. Move closer to the person speaking, etc. And how about that “ear trumpet”? The funnel-shaped device that takes sound that enters the big opening and feeds it thru […]