Tinnitus Issues

Tinnitus is also known as a ringing, buzzing, humming or other similar sound that some patients can hear in their ears. It affects nearly 50 million Americans and can be very disabling. These sounds are not real sounds but can appear to be very real to the people who suffer from this condition. Baby boomers […]

New Jackson Center Graduate

Recent Graduate – Rhett Fogt Rhett graduated from Jackson Center High School in May.    Hearing Professionals’ own, Jolene Fogt and husband Bruce, could not be happier.   Jolene’s smile says it all…..”we have the house to ourselves!”.  In all fairness, Jolene and Bruce are very proud of Rhett.  Daughter, Gabby, graduated in 2015.  Congratulations […]

Great time in Charlotte, NC

  Good morning everyone.   Tricia Schmiesing here.  I had a great time in Charlotte, NC for the Oticon conference this weekend.  I got to meet a lot of great people in the hearing industry from all over the country.   Would you believe while I was there the Taste of Charlotte festival was going […]

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How To Manage Your Hearing Aid’s Automatic Volume Control

Hearing aids are often an essential way for those with hearing loss to communicate with those around them. Many have what is known as automatic volume control. This is often a useful option, but it has its drawbacks that are important to understanding. What Is This Option? Hearing aids typically have some form of volume […]

The Connection Between Hearing and Memory

Harvard Medical School blog published an article in 2013 on hearing loss and mental decline. Several studies on hearing and memory have shown a relationship between losing hearing and losing thinking-power. None of these studies were able to show which came first, or which caused what. Some of the theories were that the depression and […]

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How Hearing Professionals Can Change Your Life

The loss of hearing alone is not the only related issue with which hearing challenged people are faced. Many feel as though the hearing culture treats them without empathy, or as though they are handicapped, people to be changed or pitied.  The assistance of hearing professionals who have been specially trained to deal with the […]

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The Connection Between Hearing and Health

As with our other senses, hearing is something we often take for granted — that is, until we start to lose the ability to hear well. It’s often difficult to cope with an untreated hearing loss, and people sometimes try to cover it up as though they should somehow be ashamed that they have a […]

Hearing Aid Repairs and Performance Solutions

It is incredibly frustrating and stressful when a hearing aid isn’t working properly or is showing signs of poor performance.  Although hearing aids are fragile, they are not necessarily damaged every time they exhibit odd signs or lowered performance. Before spending money on costly repairs or replacement, consider these  common hearing aid repairs and performance solutions.   […]

Hearing Loss and Other Health Issues

What? What? WHAT? Why is it that so many people who lose their hearing, find it so difficult to seek out help for the problem? Not only is it frustrating for them, but it’s also annoying for their loved ones, co-workers and friends. Most commonly, with age, Presbycusis is the reason for a loss in […]