hearing products ear bud molds

Custom-Fit Ear Bud & MP3 Ear Molds

  • Enhance your listening pleasure with custom fit Ear Buds
  • Reduce outside sounds for better listening
  • Custom-molded to your ear for maximum fit and comfort
  • Stay in place, even while running or working out

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hearing products swimmers ear

Custom-Fit Swim Plugs

  • Make swimming more pleasurable
  • Ideal for bathing and showering
  • Keep water from clogging your ears
  • Come in an array of solid or swirled colors

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hearing products musician plugs

Custom-Fit Musician Plugs

Do you play guitar, drums or another instrument? These ear plugs can be custom-fitted to attach to sound equipment via earphones.

  • Custom or universal fittings
  • Protection in high-noise environments
hearing products hearing protection

Custom-Fit Hearing Protection

Do you spend your day in a noisy factory? Are there loud machines running all around you? Just like the custom-molded iPod and MP3 player molds, we can provide you with custom-molded hearing protection to safeguard your hearing while on the job.

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