Your loved one, or friend, simply does not want to admit he has a hearing problem. Although, he continually asks you to speak up, he blames it on the background noise. He plays the television and radio so loudly, that you can hardly stand it.

Rather than nagging him again and again, perhaps it is time to try a different method. Try subtly leaving a hearing loss quiz among his papers or magazines, or even on his desk.

Adapted from the NIH Senior Health, John Hopkins Medicine has a check list of questions indicating a hearing problem. If the answer is “yes” to three or more questions, than it is time for a hearing professional’s help. We suggest you type out these questions, and perhaps leave off the part about it being related to senior health.

  • Do I have trouble hearing people on the telephone.
  • Am I always asking people to repeat what they have said.
  • If there is noise in the background, do I have trouble hearing what someone has said to me.
  • If two or more people talk at once, do I have trouble following the conversation.
  • Does it always seem like people are mumbling.
  • Do I respond inappropriately to what people have said, or asked.
  • Are women and children hard for me to hear.
  • Are my loved one always telling me that I play the TV too loudly.
  • Is there a ringing, or roaring in my ears.
  • Do sounds now seem too loud or too soft.

According to the John Hopkins Medicine website, “roughly one-third of Americans 65 to 74 years of age have some hearing loss, and 47% of those 75 and older suffer from hearing loss.”

While hearing loss often accompanies aging, there can be other issues affecting one’s hearing including genetics, trauma, infection, or simply earwax.

After gently nudging your friend, or loved one, about his hearing loss, please have him give us a call. We, at Hearing Professionals, are happy to help him, and we’ll keep all of his information confidential.