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Hearing and Your Health

Cardiovascular Disease - There is a significant correlation between low-frequency hearing loss and cardiovascular disease.
Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia and Brain Loss - Hearing loss is independently associated with accelerated cognitive decline and cognitive impairment in older adults.
Diabetes - Studies show that diabetes had a 21.3% higher prevalence for those with low to mid frequency hearing loss compared to only 9.4% of those without diabetes.
Hospitalization - For adults aged 70 and older, hearing loss is independently associated with hospitalization and poorer self-reported health.
Falling - For every 10 dB increase in hearing loss, there is a 1.4 fold increased odds of an individual reporting falling over the preceding 12 months.
Depression - Recent studies have shown a link between hearing loss and depression.
Hearing Aids for Brain Health - How hearing aids can benefit cognitive decline and dementia.

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How To Manage Your Hearing Aid’s Automatic Volume Control

Hearing aids are often an essential way for those with hearing loss to communicate with those around them. Many have what is known as automatic volume control. This is often a useful option, but it has its drawbacks that are important to understand. What Is This Option? Hearing aids typically have some form of volume […]

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The Connection Between Hearing and Memory

  Harvard Medical School blog published an article in 2013 on hearing loss and mental decline. Several studies have shown a relationship between losing hearing and losing thinking-power. None of these studies were able to show which came first, or which caused what. Some of the theories were that the depression and social isolation that […]

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How Hearing Professionals Can Change Your Life

The loss of hearing alone is not the only related issue with which hearing challenged people are faced. Many feel as though the hearing culture treats them without empathy, or as though they are handicapped, people to be changed or pitied.  The assistance of hearing professionals who have been specially trained to deal with the […]

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  • Quality of life…

    I would like to thank everyone at Hearing Professionals for the great service. I got my hearing aids 6 months ago. I didn’t think I would like them but I knew they were necessary… Now, I can’t imagine life without them. They have really improved my quality of life. I would recommend this company to […]

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    Hearing Professionals was absolutely wonderful working with my dad and very personal; they deserves a pat on the back. The front desk area, including Karen, was really pleasant and kind. I would refer anyone and everyone to Hearing Professionals!

  • Problem Solved

    I was having trouble communicating with my daughter, before I went to Hearing Professionals. The employees at the Hearing Professionals were very courteous and Greg was able to help me out with my hearing problems. Now, the sound of my new hearing aids are amazing.

  • Personal Care

    The Hearing Professionals really care about their patients and I like the way they take care of me.

  • They Really Care

    The Hearing Professionals are very accommodating and help with all my hearing issues.  For appointments, there is no long wait time and they help out with financing. At Hearing Professionals, they do what best for you personally. And that’s why I would highly recommend them to anyone.

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