With locations in Celina, Sidney and Troy, Ohio
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With locations in Celina, Sidney and Troy, Ohio
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Hearing and Your Health

Click on any of these six ailments to learn more about how hearing impacts your life.

Cardiovascular Disease - There is a significant correlation between low-frequency hearing loss and cardiovascular disease.
Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia and Brain Loss - Hearing loss is independently associated with accelerated cognitive decline and cognitive impairment in older adults.
Diabetes - Studies show that diabetes had a 21.3% higher prevalence for those with low to mid frequency hearing loss compared to only 9.4% of those without diabetes.
Hospitalization - For adults aged 70 and older, hearing loss is independently associated with hospitalization and poorer self-reported health.
Falling - For every 10 dB increase in hearing loss, there is a 1.4 fold increased odds of an individual reporting falling over the preceding 12 months.
Depression - Recent studies have shown a link between hearing loss and depression.

From Our Blog

Age and Declining Hearing Acuity

It’s an old joke: An elderly person can’t hear what other people are saying, resulting in hilarious wordplay. In real life, though, not being able to hear people around you as you get older is not funny. In fact, it’s frustrating. Luckily, strategies such as using a hearing aid let you combat this common but […]

What is a Hearing Test Like?

A hearing test is all about determining the strength of your ears. Not only is this designed to determine if you have any sort of listening impairment, but if you should be a candidate for hearing aids and other listening improvement devices. If you have never been through a hearing test you might have a […]

Cost vs. Value When Buying your First Hearing Aid

  Selecting the right hearing aid for you is important. It can often be the difference of hearing on a more consistent, organic nature, or struggling to receive the same sound waves those people around you might here. However, there are all sorts of other elements associated with a new hearing aid, and two of […]


Robert: "I enjoy working with Stacy.  She makes adjustments and always improves my hearing with each visit.  I enjoy the ability to work with the same Hearing Aid Specialist every time I come in!"

Carol: "It is wonderful not having to repeat myself anymore!  The TV is now at a volume that is good for me instead of blaring as it used to be."

Robert & Carol Huecker

I like that my individual needs are addressed specifically.  I also like that they provide free annual hearing tests to make sure if there are any changes and then address those changes as needed.  I am very satisfied with my new hearing aids. They are very comfortable and I barely notice I have them on except for the great clarity. The follow-up care being scheduled after

Merl Heil

I had been having struggles with my overall hearing for the past 30 years with my right ear being worse than my left. I had a lot of difficulty hearing and understanding people when they were on my right side. I Was originally introduced to HP when I came as the third party for my sister to help with her familiar voice testing.  

The most important change I have noticed

Kay Seibert

My overall experience with Hearing Professionals has been great. The testing that was done was outstanding and completely different than the 2 previous places I had gone before deciding to get my hearing aids. Overall the biggest change I notice with my hearing aids is being able to hear things clearly.

Gerald Deitsch

I have been very pleased with Hearing Professionals.  The service you get is outstanding and they have taken care of all of my issues with compassion and professionalism.  The front office staff and Matt are wonderful! I would definately reccomend them to others!


I was recomended to Hearing Professionals by a friend to receive a complimentary hearing test.  I was having struggles with clarity, understanding and what was being said in most conversations, and background noise.  My wife had also been on me to get a hearing test.  Since getting my hearing aids  I am now able to hear and understand normal conversations which had been a significant

Randy Hawk

I attended my husband's hearing evaluation at Hearing Professionals.  Karen, who works behind the desk is down to earth, friendly and professional.  She's always busy but smiling, wanting to do all that she can for each person walking in the door.  The "feeling" she gives off makes a person feel at home and welcome.  Mindie, the Hearing Aid Specialist, was super sensitive in

Rose Banwart, Wife

My hearing aids were lost in a car wreck so I had to get new ones.  I got a card in the mail from Hearing Professionals so I gave them a try.  They were so good to work with insurance company to see that I got my new hearing aids.  I met Karl (Hearing Aid Specialist) and he tested my hearing and fitted me with new hearing aids so now I can hear well again! He was so nice and caring.  What

Regina Osborne

I initially decided to start looking for help when I started noticing problems with my hearing. I noticed that I was saying “Huh” too much in conversations, and I thought I better get it looked at before it gets any worse. I am so glad that I did. Since I’ve come to the Hearing Professionals, I’ve not only gotten the help I need but I enjoy coming here. They provided me with such great

Sandra Dowty

I have felt very comfortable with Jolene.  She is very professional, never makes us feel rushed and always explains what she is doing. There is a history of hearing loss in my family so I decided to take action early.   Hearing Professionals has made me feel good that I am taking action now that will help me in the future.

Deborah Johnson

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