With locations in Celina, Sidney and Troy, Ohio
Today: Open from 8:00am – 1:00pm
With locations in Celina, Sidney and Troy, Ohio
Today: Open from 8:00am – 1:00pm

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Hearing and Your Health

Click on any of these six ailments to learn more about how hearing impacts your life.

Cardiovascular Disease - There is a significant correlation between low-frequency hearing loss and cardiovascular disease.
Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia and Brain Loss - Hearing loss is independently associated with accelerated cognitive decline and cognitive impairment in older adults.
Diabetes - Studies show that diabetes had a 21.3% higher prevalence for those with low to mid frequency hearing loss compared to only 9.4% of those without diabetes.
Hospitalization - For adults aged 70 and older, hearing loss is independently associated with hospitalization and poorer self-reported health.
Falling - For every 10 dB increase in hearing loss, there is a 1.4 fold increased odds of an individual reporting falling over the preceding 12 months.
Depression - Recent studies have shown a link between hearing loss and depression.

From Our Blog

Hearing Aid Technology Advances

Since the introduction of digital signal processing, hearing aid technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. Not only do you enjoy a better quality of life thanks to increased comfort, but you have greater control over settings and functionality. Thanks to advances in miniaturization and wireless technologies, you can improve your hearing in multiple situations, […]

Age and Declining Hearing Acuity

It’s an old joke: An elderly person can’t hear what other people are saying, resulting in hilarious wordplay. In real life, though, not being able to hear people around you as you get older is not funny. In fact, it’s frustrating. Luckily, strategies such as using a hearing aid let you combat this common but […]

What is a Hearing Test Like?

A hearing test is all about determining the strength of your ears. Not only is this designed to determine if you have any sort of listening impairment, but if you should be a candidate for hearing aids and other listening improvement devices. If you have never been through a hearing test you might have a […]


  • Problem Solved

    I was having trouble communicating with my daughter, before I went to Hearing Professionals. The employees at the Hearing Professionals were very courteous and Greg was able to help me out with my hearing problems. Now, the sound of my new hearing aids are amazing.

  • Personal Care

    The Hearing Professionals really care about their patients and I like the way they take care of me.

  • Brenda Craft
    They Really Care

    The Hearing Professionals are very accommodating and help with all my hearing issues. Mindie is sociable, personal and truly cares about my hearing. For appointments, there is no long wait time and they help out with financing. At Hearing Professionals, they do what best for you personally. And that’s why I would highly recommend them to anyone.

  • IMG_0402
    Friendly and Professional…

    There is such a warm feeling every time you enter their office.  The front office staff is very friendly and professional. Greg, our specialist, does an excellent job any time we have any sort of issue.   I feel really good about the service we receive from their staff.  I recommend Hearing Professionals to everyone!

  • Real Professional

    Matt has been so much help. He always works with me until I’m satisfied with the results; and there is no hurry up to get me out of the office. Matt is a real professional guy!

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